Friday, August 24, 2007


Skippy and Buzz and their ' traveling road show ' always start out by acknowledging that the dinosaurs walked our planet for better than 400 million years and were the ' masters of all they surveyed ' for better than 130 million. Interestingly, when they dig up mass grave sites, they often find most of the ' bigger bones ' in a large circle around the ' smaller bones ' -

Skippy: Why do you suppose this is?

Buzz: My guess is that the dinosaurs would ' circle the wagons ' upon discovery of impending danger or while preparing to move into an unknown territory - with the larger, more experienced adult animals at the perimeter and the less prepared in the center of the circle. Perhaps in this way the more experienced members of the tribe would be able to face adversity coming from any direction with the less experienced members able to observe and be at the same time protected -

Skippy: - hmmm

Welcome to our musings -

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