Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Profile extrusion info from NPE 2009

Skippy: Hi all - just back from a productive outing at NPE in Chicago -

Buzz: - I heard the show numbers were really down -

Skippy: Well yes, it did seem that the number of plastics personnel there were highly diminished from what we had observed the last 10 shows in a row back to 1979, but on the other hand, the folks that were there appeared to have a real reason to be there.

Buzz: and so the quality of the contacts was likely to be good?

Skippy: Right. I have a bag full of materials that are coming back from the variety of disciplines we are constantly going through - profile extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding both conventional and low pressure structural foam, and fiberglass composites.

There seemed to be a bigger focus on this show from the vendors on pooling the products (training, controls, common sense shop info etc) into more system wide solutions rather than just selling the newest loader, calibration, etc.

I will be assembling some of the materials regarding the profile extusion elements first and posting soon -